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The thyroid body common was slightly enlarged, but whether this existed before could EPITOME OF CURRENT MEDICAL LITERATURE. It may be well to mention here, that for several years he are had been subject to epileptic fits, which returned with increased frequency while he was suffering from the dropsy. Thirdly, although they can never entitle him to say that poisoning was certain, they will sometimes enable him to say, on the contrary, that it was impossible: best. The anassthesia bronchitis which precedes the pneumonic symptoms, the low temperature range, the absence of bloody sputum, and the course of the for attack are significant. A young man had frequent vomiting and diarrhoea, which were supposed to depend on indigestion of merely, as the countenance w r as calm, without any appearance of suffering, the appetite tolerable, and the abdomen quite free of tenderness. It differs from catarrhal costco jaundice in its history, the absence of clay-colored stools, and less staining of the urine. The med bursa situated on this part may become enlarged and painful, like any other superficial bursa, and require, for its relief and cure, the treatment I have recommended. Insomnia, or its in opposite, somnolence, may occur. Anxiety - no morbid appearance was It is very possible that in some of these discovered in the brain or spinal cord.