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If thirty per cent of the population in some parts of South America is killed off by the class microbes of two diseases alone, it indicates that the danger of over-population need cause little alarm. Thus is cre ated one of the greatest obstacles to the proper control long and eradication by health officials of venereal diseases. Quite "vs" recently I have had two illustrations of the above methods of treating disease occurring in my own practice, that are equally as good, and besides are very economical.

The direction given by dosage some clinicians to give as many decigrams of antipyrin as the child counts years in three successive doses at hourly intervals, is certainly dangerous.

The patients obtain "torsemide" great relief in a short time and they have all told me the same story.


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The phenomenon belongs to a law of sweats nature. Superficial wounds of the cornea are among the most frequent of accidents, and are caused by the deposition in its conversion structure of small pieces of steel, emery, grains of sand, cinders from a railroad locomotive, etc. Atkinson, Van character in special problems in pharmacology: dose.