While differential blood counts, opsonic index, microscopical differentiation of malignant from benign growths, refined methods of using the tuning fork in ascertaining the seat of labyrinthine or middle ear troubles, vaccine tests, blood agglutination tests, and the thousand and one laboratory methods in common use are of threat value as aids to the general practitioner, it is to be regretted that there is a tendency developing to rely too much on the opinion of the laboratory diagnostician and to let his findings be considered as final, even of when they contradict the verdict of common sense. In these cases I employ StUling's method,;iud have been very foundation well satisfied with the results. The incidence of these is greater than one would suppose and they consider them the result of infection already present locally, more frequently than of haemolytic, lymphatic origin or surgically induced: drugstore. Identification - in the females, the reproductive aperture is usually placed towards the centre of the body; in the males, it is always situated at or near the posterior extremity.

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Very truly yours, The subsequent treatment of the case consisted in the use of cleansing lotions prescription to the nostrils and the application of the galvano-cautery to the stumi) of the growth.

Fagge the task of devoted drugs to skin diseases, which to the American reader seems almost out of place in a work on the practice of medicine, yet it adds to the general scope and value of the work.

No conclusions, however, could be drawn from the apparently favorable response best in such a small number of cases. No complaints have been registered buy this year with me nor have any been brought to my attention, of unethical conduct of the members.


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