After the rise of modern bacteriology the where first attempts made were to cultivate a specific microphyte from such tumours.

With the establishment of training classes, which grow into medical schools, there comes the "oxytrol" question, is it worth while to educate a larger number than will be required to keep up the supply of trained help needed by the mission, with the idea that they may, perhaps, pass into independent practice and support themselves in their profession as Christian practitioners among their own people?" it' wo recognizo and admit the valiU! of tln! medical prolciHsion as a social factor in our own civilization, we shall bo roady to sec tlu; importance of such an clement in the infusion of a nmv life into the elfcte civilization of the East.


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It is an actively secreting and absorbing organ acting on sodium, potassium, and walgreens chloride independent of the lavaging medium.

They are often incidental findings at operation uk or autopsy, and it is more probable that their symptoms would be attributed to commoner ailments. In this maneuver, the defensive lineman is sucked into the offensive backfield after a feigned block counter by his opposite number.

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