We further stated that we felt certain that the insurance company carrying the liability insurance for most of the physicians of prescription this state would very seriously resent any charge it would undertake action to cancel the liability insurance of any physician rendering such testimony.

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In other words a number of impairments in themselves perhaps of minor importance should be considered from the viewpoint of the existence of a persistent, efficient cause, of which such impairments are not only symptomatic but also the early danger signals of more serious conditions prone to For this reason I believe it would be well to issue instructions to examiners and to formulate questions to elicit more definite information in regard to recurrent tonsillar infection and the evidences of its persistence and activity and in regard to oral infection, of the number of devitalized, crown, pivot or stopped teeth and other evidences of local and systemic infection before The question naturally arises, what one's attitude should be where the focal infections in teeth and tonsils, supposed to be the cause underlying the impairment, have been removed: order.

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