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All the older textbooks still advise expectant treatment, "drugstore" although the tendency to aggressive action is developing rapidly.

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John's Wood Harding, John Richard, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square Smart, John Naish, Bedminster, Bristol Thomas, David Bowen, Newcastle Emlyn Whitmarsh, William Michael, costco Chippenham, Wilts Wright, Thomas Poj-ntz, Tiverton, Devon CoATES, Charles, M.D., elected Physician to the Bath United MuHCHiSDN, Charles, M.D., appointed Physician to the London Murray, J. What was most remarkable in the case, was, that his pulse began to flag and intermit, and he likewise suddenly and unexpectedly got the same symptoms of depression of the vital powers on the very same day and hour as his brother (program).


When swallowing can be performed, give weak warm wine, or spirit and "mississippi" water, and soon afterwards a mustard emetic.