It is often said that"cancer a constitutional disease" is pessimism and therefore not to be thought of unless absolutely proven; while"cancer at first a local disease" at least offers some hope of controling cancer by present methods thoroughly carried out: form. In online this as in the preceding volume a somewhat similar arrangement is followed, the first part being devoted to disease of the fauces, the second to disease of the larynx, and the third to the various operations being represented by colored illustrations as in the former volume.

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Cystourethroscopic examinations revealed one or more lesions which accounted for all or at least a part of the bladder With a careful history, physical and urine examination a diagnosis of urethral pathology may The absence of urinary sediment, with or without residual urine, in the presence of longstanding bladder discomfort, is an indication for a complete urological best survey, including the entire urethra. Fourthly, there is another kind of rheumatifm attended with debility, which fuppurates, and fliould be termed rhcumatifmus fuppurans: blue. Where this uterine comprefilon of parts has not been fo great as to render the hair white in other animals, it frequently happens, that the extremities of the body are white, as the feet, and nofes, and tips of the ears of dogs and cats and horfes, where the circulation is naturally weaker; whence it would feem, that the capillary glands, which form the hair, are impeded in the firft inflance by compreflion, (as he reports) of black parents, both father generic and mother, at Kingfton in Jamaica, who has many large white blotches on the fkin of his limbs and body; which I thought felt not fo foft to the finger, as the black parts.


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