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As we should expect, it soon becomes clear that Medical experts alone can distinguish between the great classes of" unable to work" and"unwilling to work," and, accordingly, the" necessity is recognised of having the Medical element largely infused into any system of efiicient inspection." Now this is, in it will be observed, in principle the very combination of Health Oflicer with Poor Officer from which the Sanitai-y Commission starts as the foundation of the proposed reforms.


Ulcers of the pyloric portion of the stomach are of very liable to be associated with some degree of reflex pyloric spasm, with resulting undue retention of acid contents. Most of the men sick at the present time are from the southern portions of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Ac, who, If they were so unfortunate as to miss an attack of ague in the fall, would consider themselves in a dangerous condition: drugs. Many Sur j;cons, however, still object to tying the large vessels in their continuity, on the ground that the hiemorrhage is not thereby definitely arrested, drugstore and that new bleeding takes place at the seat of ligature.

With his countrymen, he complains, the Physician is expected to be at the beck and call of the whilst in England the fixed shot customary hours for consultation at home, for the Hospital visit, and then for patients at their homes aff'ord space for every purpose. Some people have talked about a select committee on Medical reform, which might prove a convenient way of shelving the whole thing, but could throw no light upon the best real and very simple reforms that are needed.