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In any case in which the pain was extreme, however, there was nothing so good side for producing local anaesthesia as rhigoline, applied with a spray; pain being an absolute impossibility when this was employed.

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Catarrhal pneumonia had occurred in about forty per cent, of the cases that he had treated during the present epidemic; in two he had observed enlargement of the bronchial glands; in one case he thought that he was about to have diphtheria, glands; a complaint of pain in the throat, witii the peculiar dark-redness liquid of the mucous membrane; and a whitish patch, running across from one tonsil to the pharynx, that looked like the commencement of a membrane. He alluded to a dogs case under his observation, where a first injection into a sinus, of a moderately strong solution was followed by alarming signs of he was daily in the habit of using carbolic acid.