How long the lung may bear compression without losing its elasticity cannot be definitely stated, but 2013 Liebermeister would say that we can no longer expect perfect reexpansion when an extensive effusion has remained within the pleural sac longer than four to six weeks. If this astigmatism be at the meridian on the arc of the circle other than that of the vertical or horizontal axes, it will be at once shown by the direction in which the retinal reflex moves, without regard to the rotation of the mirror, at the same time showing the error of This test may also be practised with the concave mirror found on coast the ophthalmoscope, but with this mirror it must be remembered that all the movements of the retinal reflex will be reversed, viz., in myopia the movements will be with the rotation of the mirror, and in hypermetropia they will be in the opposite direction. The central tendon was then cut of and the rector-urethralis muscle divided, after which the apex of the prostate was exposed.

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