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Ymaz affirms that the precision and certainty of the treatment at present of osteoarticular tuberculosis are due to the greater knowledge we have of the development of the tuberculous process and to the mail rational use of hygienic factors, which modify the soil in which the Koch bacillus develops, and therefore act upon the development of the disease. Drugs - the best results are noticed in cases of malnutrition, with anorexia, weak, flabby muscles, and distinct pallor, and is illustrated by a case reported by the writer.

(But many journals have drawn on them for elements of their publication styles.) Second, if authors prepare their manuscripts in the style specified in these requirements, editors of the participating journals will not return the manuscripts for changes in style before considering them for price publication.


The Ven tricular bands "using" covered the true Tocal cords, and almost completely closed the glottis. These are the cases which have been the terror of the insurance world to and considered by some as extra hazardous; others have believed that they were suitable for policies only on a substandard plan. On the other side of the feeding floor cost is the secont row of stanchion posts, coming up under one of the long sills, as described before. Were we to consider these infections only, one might be led to believe that they were due to continuity, of but colon bacillus infections occurred in other parts of the body also, and were unquestionably of hematogenous origin, and we would have to conclude that the colon bacillus was like other germs we had to deal with and that infection by this organism was through the blood in nearly all instances.