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Given an able Warden, the collegiate establishment will work well; but the difficulty is to find the man who possesses the qualities needful to command the respect and esteem of high-spirited youths who have just shaken olf the trammels of school-Ufe (that).

In all, therefore, w T e repeat, that relates to the welfare of the negro race, we have a common and abiding interest, and in regard to it, the medical profession has its appropriate duty to perform: rx. This the case showed rapid improvement in general condition and strength, and the appetite increased. It enters the orbit by the sphenomaxillary fissure, and generic divides into two filaments: malar, which passes over the cheekbone, distributed to the orbicularis palpebrarum, and contributing, by one of its surfaces, to form the orbit; on orbital surface of frontal lobe of brain.


The board is charged, however, with not giving the members of the Trades Council, pharmacy who have made affidavit to special cases of cruelty, proper opportunity to appear.

The County Medical Society and the profession of india Raleigh have been exceedingly kind to us. Glenn had given up his general practice and became one of the leading surgeons of the state, yet he never lost touch with humanity and with medical progress, and through what frequent consultations with specialists in their different lines of work was thoroughly conversant with the best methods of render ing service to humanity, a service which we all might emulate in being aggressive with the maladies of youth, firm with those suffering from diseases incident to middle life, and imbued with the spirit of humanity that helps us make a tactful retreat with those who have read the faded letters on life's mile stones marked"three score and ten." feel, with the long list of obituaries here, it is probably not well for us to take up your time. It was possible, online even on post-mortem examination, in cases in which extension to the cerebral membranes had taken place, by way of the internal ear or the sigmoid sinus, to overlook the channels of extension, on casual examination of the interior of the skull, and so the primary focus might remain undiscovered. Don't yon think it is a good thing to have a few doctors in the public service to learn about these things? You know the indifference of the public to such matters is amazing (for). He had been frequently called the stormy petrel, when he had come forward and disturbed tho rest in which the corporations were slumbering peacefully, and in which they were anxious to remain; but now that this Bill had passed, which was a great boon to the profession, he was delighted street to know that his enemies of yesterday were his great friends of to-day. Hours - the symptoms are, first, inflammation in the punctured part, and afterward a knotty, tense, painful cord, following the direction of the vessel, and accompanied with more or less fever, according to the extent of the inflammation, the nervous symptoms, etc.