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In spreading traumatic gangrene early amputation of the affected limb has been strongly recommended; but as this cannot remove the already poisoned condition of tlio blood, upon which in all prol)ability the gangrene drugstore depends, it is clearly a useless measure, as the gangrenous action would invade the stump. There is, however, no reason for thinking that new epithelial cells "for" are thus formed. That iii the public's health interests are paramount. As - this depressing and debilitating effect of the atmosphere of lai'ge towns, displayed in the pallid aspect of those who are esteemed healthy, and in the want of power accompanying the diseases to which they are subject, is a fact of great practical importance, and one which ought always to be borne in mind at the bed-side. There must be still greater dimcnlty inobtainingan cost accurate medical history of a patient's case. As it contains sulphur, and Is readily specialty miscible with water, a wide use for It is at once suggested. If much bound down by adhesions, electricity was the best means of relieving the irritation in them for ordinary practitioners to employ; only the most skillful offcrators should attempt north their removal.

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