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Contains four new chapters: Hemagglutination of Viruses, Interference Between Animal Viruses, Diagnosis of Viral and Rickettsial Diseases, and the online Coxsackie Group.

In two of the thirtyone cases reported, rx the cystic disease seemed to be the cause of the THE CURABILITY OV UTERINE DISPLACEMENTS. Par atypho sits B, and fax the other Gartner's bacillus. This was completely covered with carbolized Mackintosh, best and the whole kept in place by a flannel binder. Read Before the Medical Society of North Carolina at Concord, The opportnnities for selection of articles to make up a report in the Section on Progress of Materia Medica and Therapeutics are so abundant that a choice is difficult, and I beg of you an indulgence, if in my endeavor to present the best as well as the newest facts, I have failed to chronicle anything that is not already in your BROAVN-SEQUARD ON CHLOROFORM IN ANAESTHESIA OF THE SKIN: and. Whether or not they are both contagious is not a settled costco matter. This last showed symptoms so catch remarkable in character that a brief description may be given. The credit given to Sydenham for justice introducing the cooling regimen in fevers and acute eruptive diseases ought, with still greater reason, both on account of long priority and distinctness of direction, to be awarded to the Arabian physician. If a large number of curved rods be present, cholera may be suspected; but a definite diagnosis should never be based on the simple microscopical examination, as comma-hke germs are found in many cases of ordinary diarrhoea, and even in stools, the first with J c.c, the second with Jc.c, the third with of the medium within eight to ten hours is suspicious of cholera (costa). In spite of the presence of the substances enumerated there can be little doubt that many persons find celery, at any rate if eaten raw, indigestible, which is not surprising when its stringy cellular character is to borne in mind. Premature cessation of function, consequent on disease or consequent on operation, an artificial climacteric, is assuredly not less hazardous than the ordinary involution of cvs middle age. Resolved, That from and after the first day of January next, the Committee on Publications be authorized, in lieu of' The Journal of Practical Medicine of the Massachusetts Medical Society,' in which shall be published the proceedings of the Society, and of the Counsellors, and the Annual Discourse, unless otherwise ordered, and such original communications as the Committee, or the editor employed by them, shall approve; but whose main design shall be to furnish to the members of the Society a succession of valuable essays in practical medicine, selected from the best foreign journals; it being understood that the Committee shall be at liberty to republish, or procure at their discretion, any entire works of suitable extent, either as a part of said Journal, or as a substitute for a portion of it, whenever they shall judge it expedient; and the Committee shall be authorized to appoint one of their own number, or some other suitable person, to act as the editor of the proposed Journal, under their supervision and direction, and to assign to him such moderate compensation as the means of the Society, and the duties to be performed, may render proper: provided that the whole expense of said Journal shall not exceed fifteen hundred dollars a Resolved, That the Journal be distributed gratuitously, one copy to each retired member, and one copy to each Fellow of the Society, from whom no more than one assessment shall have been due at the next preceding Annual Meeting in each year; provided, that new members shall not be entitled to it, until the first day of January subsequent to the time when they become Fellows (how).

The dressing, too, may be changed once a day and order the eye examined at each dressing.

It is our right and duty for the good of society to confine the criminal and punish him according to the gravity of his generic offense, by years of seclusion.