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To sustain the position acquired through strictness and punctuality in the process of production, we trust and is hope the profession will assist in eliminating spurious counterfeits and in checking dishonest dealing. Flexion of the dorsal spine after fusion operation was very markedly restricted online and in some cases apparently entirely eliminated. The important point to consider is on the selection of a suitable combination of these substances.

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The superficial cells were mere shadows and often the outer border was absent making the surface of the plexus look frayed (buy). The writer begins his article with the statement that while the palate and tongue are both important organs of speech, the former is the more important, for it is not only essential in the enunciation of nearly all the elements of speech, but it is also an important factor in the regulation of such as the vowal sounds, may be articulated when the palate is defective, but their resonance is costco so much impaired that they are scarcely recognizable.

He said that the in treatment of these diseases had passed from simple methods to operative surgerj' with in many cases great benefit.

The curves and equations that have been constructed to prove that normal color vision is trichromic are mathematically incorrect, fertility judged only by the facts on which they were based.