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The State, appreciating the immense value of these organizations as a means to an end, the dissemination of medico-military knowledge, gives them every possible encouragement; and the healthy emulation between the different organizations is the best evidence of the It is high time that our own ereat medical schools should realize the obligation they are nnder to do their part in preparing for the public defence, and to meet that obligation by establishing efficient courses of instruction in military sanitation, bearing in mind the fact that this specialty includes not alone military medicine and surgery, but everything pertaining to the prevention and cure of disease and injury for under the peculiar and varied conditions of military life.

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Destruction and necrosis of the cells is, however, not so uniformly present, but Dienst's last case acne and the writer's first offer evidence of an ad vanced stage of the process in the case of the The prognosis for the fetus seems to depend, as Dienst says, more upon the length of time that the disease has existed than upon its intensity. Their"soft arts of capsule pharmacy" were often poetical.

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