Serum albumin, pre-albumin, PTH, Vitamin D and calcium tablets tests were conducted on the blood samples.

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Indeed, disintegrating pneumonia is one of the most common causes of their admission to hospitals and ranks high on the list of geriatric killers. We refuse to operate on no how patients except those whom we think will die under any circumstances; very occasionally one such patient when treated by the Ochsner method will react sufficiently to be cured by a later operation; the others will die, but we are convinced that any operation Avould only have hastened the approach of death. Reasonable SITUATION WANTED: Surgeon with special training in pediatric surgery would like association WANTED: General Practitioner, young or mg mid dle aged, to share my practice. Radical neck dissection would have to be carried out at a later date when indicated because of the extent of the primary operative procedure (pregnancy). With a showing such as this it seems strange to us that intelligent surgeons will delay operation, trusting to be sale warned of impending danger by well-defined symptoms in time to employ an operation, when to our mind the correct time for operation is before alarming symptoms arise. Pulsation in the anterior ami posterior tibial arteries was more marked "zofran" than before the operation.

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