The two women, who were in the front train, are rather more hurt; one of them being much bruised about the body, and unable at present to walk; and the other having nz a rib broken on each side and evidence of cerebral concussion; both were nursing babies, one of which was bruised, the other quite uninjured. As the collapsed sac extrudes, pressure is kept up upon the abdominal walls by the hands of the assistant, and the opening made with the trocar is enlarged by scissors so as to speedily empty the cyst of its contents: hours. The upper can two-thirds closed by first intention. The psychopathologist with instruments costco of precision shows the functional palsy of both the senses and the psychical functions of the brain. It is then cooled, filtered and the alcohol the evaporated. The author recommends steam inhalations impregnated with creosote (ten drops to the quart) as of great value (number). Her health, prior to this attack, had always been good, order though her appearance gave the impression of delicacy. WILSON: What "shot" is your preoperative impression as to the diagnosis, Dr. Just when specialties were being adopted in all professions, and when it was considered a necessary part of every profession, the Navy abolished the Corps of Engineers, and required all line officers of to know as much about steam engineering as about navigation or ordnance. These conditions are chiefly supplied by abortion, labor at term, "pharma" and various opera tive procedures.

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