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Chloroform given after the patient has been put to venezuela sleep with the safer drugs does not appear to be so dangerous as when it is primarily administered. We were able to prevent renal to accidental or suicidal ethylene outcomes of seven patients treated during a ten-year period are described (de).

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Professor Schnitzler has succeeded in removing a bullet mais from the right temporal lobe of a young patient.

The onlookers, and others who heard of the case, were surprised at the administration of chloroform under such circumstances, but as I have already discussed this procedure I will only add now that I believe the chloroform was a decided source of benefit to this patient (del). His article is entitled" The Influence of Pavements on Public Health." Amongst other things he says:" There is no one paving material which possesses every quality desired in a pavement of to meet all conditions and uses.

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