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As a matter of fact, the view, as to the relationship of these causes to the disease, expressed by Addison fifty years ago is probably correct, namely, that any lesion of these bodies which interferes with their function may cause In some instances the disease seems to be primarily the result of pathological changes in the semilunar ganglia of the abdominal sympathetic nervous system (order). Hence the vegetarian Sylvester Graham, whose name selling is applied to bread made from unbolted flour, was correct in his time in saying such bread contained the most nutriment. Phlegmonous gastritis is of two kinds: a diffuse form with a rapid course, profound systemic disturbances, and speedy death, and a circumscribed form in which the symptoms are much less severe; the patient living, it may be, for weeks, but usually dying costco as the result of the disease. The plan, it will be seen, is similar to that on which the"London Medical Record" has been conducted, and not unlike that of the various German" Centralblatter." There can be no doubt that the journal will reliable prove of exceeding value to those who wish to keep the run of laryngological and rhinological literature. We may observe many, if not all, drugstore of these symptoms in most infants at the breast; and, indeed, in this way the inability to recognize one's own father might be taken as evidence oT double vision. It is situate at the internal part of to the fold of the elbow, in front of the humeral artery, and is formed by the anterior and posterior cubital veins, and by the median basilic. The general conclusion, therefore, is thdt both puncturing and washing-out the joint, and the double incision and drainage, with the aid of antiseptics, may be declared to be operations unattended with danger and followed price by satisfactory results. A surgical operation, take which consists in drawing, extracting, or removing, from the human body, anything that is useless, noxious, or extraneous. Syphilis, canada it seemed to him, was like a beautiful woman, in that it, like her, was semper varum The syphilis with us at the present time was not the syphilis of the fifteenth century.

The hardening and condensation increased steadily as long as the child remained under observation, but unfortunately the father removed her from the hospital on the fifth day after the operation, contrary to the expressed wishes and of direct their batteries and their kind assistance at the operations, as well as Drs. The sputa were laws not examined microscopically. The President read his annual address, reviewing the work of the Board, and suggesting work cost for the future in the line of securing the introduction of text-books on hygiene in the schools; greater attention by localities to the pay of health officers; and some amendments to the public health laws, etc.


The water contains chloride of calcium and best carbonate of lime. The liver is, however, rarely out of place, except in Distention of the stomach with gas from a SeirlHtz powder, or by pumping air into it with an atomizer bulb attached to a tube, will reveal its abnormal position, and if it is carefully outlined it maybe foimd that this viscus occupies a more vertical position than in health, the pylorus being greatly displaced, while the cardiac portion is in a relatively normal posture because it is more firmly what suspended. It depends, generally, upon debility of the muscular, or of the nervous system; and, hence, is observed in convalescence, and in typhoid affections (generic). By some for it is considered to be nothing more than ciliated epithelium separated voffos,'disease.' A disease of the hair. The great arteries of the neck, which carry in blood to the head. Above, it is attached to the outer edge of the ilia; before, it arises from the crural arch by two distinct lamina;, separated by the discount femoral vessels, and becoming confounded a little below the part where the great vena saphsena opens into the crural vein.