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While allowing that residence in a hot climate, malaria, and alcohol might play a part in the causation, he was inclined to attribute the dis ease to the spreading of an inflammatory process from for the smaller bileducts, which he believed to be in a catarrhal state of unknown origin. Many of the worst cases vomit but once or twice and in twentyfour hours, but are nauseated while aAvake. Order - the ocular disorder dependent upon syphilis may, of course, have nothing to do with the nervous mechanism of the eye.


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The Abyssinians mix the powder with flour, and make bread with it, and take a sufficient quantity of the bread with butter or honey three hours before the first meal in the buy morning. During sleep the completely aphonic patient may cry out loudly in a natural voice: in. Extractum to hydrastis, preparations of iron, camphor, quinine, arsenic, carbolic acid, iodide of potassium, creolin, lysol, ichthyol, oil of turpentine, sulphuric acid, and hyd ochloric acid. There was no vira voce clinical examination in clinical medicine, and candidates were not asked the grounds on which they arrived at their diagnoses (drugs). This incision exposes the raphi of the price mylo-hyoid, which is divided; the genio-hyoid and genio-hyo-glossi are separated.

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