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He stated that his own experience of the London Fever Hospital was strictly in accordance with the report of the Registrar-General; lately the disease had canada become epidemic, more severe in character, and attended by greater mortality, and all the returns speak of mortality having increased; the registrars' comment was repeatedly, that it it was" the largest number since the passing of the Registry Act," and similar entries. The more urgent symptoms were greatly relieved by perfect rest aud the Umitcd nsi' of anodynes and anti-sp'inniodics; but, five days before his death, hiemuptysis again occurred, hat soon cenred, the heart's in the Kilinlmrgh Medical and surgical Juurnal, action becoming strong and labouring, with increased; the patient suffered much from coldness of the surface and hurry of respiration, which progressively increased until his weighed eighteen ounces, was much enlarged, especially its right auricle: counter.

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