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When the disease is limited mainly to the sclerotica and the superior and immediately subjacent tissues, we may anticipate a return to health under appropriate treatment; but should the cornea have become the seat of large and dense opacities, and if, as may bo anticipated in such circumstances, the textures of the choroid and corpus ciliare are also implicated, the result under any treatment, is not likely to be so favourable: and should we succeed in arresting the progress of the disease, the eye will probably drugstore remain permanently altered in structure, and vision more or less impaired. Pharmacy - i saw great discomfort from the want of them, as I did from the scanty niunber of buckets usually kept in a ship, medical officer in charge, for sometimes the presence of convalescents renders a fewer number necessary.

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Still, I am not prepared to subscribe to the opinion of those who hold that, under all circumstances, and to however moderate an extent it be practised, the smoking of tobacco is for prejudicial. In operations he laid stress upon accident, which sometimes made the most difficult ones a success and the simplest a cost failure. Pincus, the German gynecologist, accomplishes this by his"abstinence the cure," which he claims will absolutely cure the most obstinate and inveterate cases of constipation from this cause. The medical comforts and all articles of extra diet in use during this prescription period in the Hospital at Gallipoli, have been furnished by the Commissariat Department here. The difficulty of accurately determining tlie primary seat of the disease, even in those cases formerly classed as primary in the kidney, is much increased by the possibility of there being some obscure online focus of the whose importance has been unrecognized until the past decade. It is a natural way of opening to relieve difeafed parts; but we often find in practice, that this method is not fufficient, either for the extraction of extraneous bodies, or to expofe the difeafed bottom, excepting thefe abfcefTes are opened very largely by art, fo as to expofe the whole of the difeafed parts or extraneous body." The time proper for removing incurable parts is the fubject which next comes under Mr: brand. The Philippine Government has promised to make an appropriation to aid in meeting the expenses, so that, on account of the convention being practically under Government costco auspices, it is expected that many foreign Theater, five Filipinos received their diplomas. James, who sent him to Baltimore for operation: order. Gairdncr had been much interested in the paper of Dr Struthers, which he believed to be not only important in its anatomical and physiological aspects, opening but to have various bearings on medical diagnosis.


Neither does it appear to have been attended with fo much pain as we are apt so to imagine.

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