The acronym BW for will be used throughout to connote biological weapons and defense programs.


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A chapel is also to be built for funeral services in remedio cases of contagion, which could not be removed to homes or churches for burial. Antiretroviral therapy for HIV The Role of Clostridium Botulinum: A Clostridium 80 Botulinum produces seven (A-G) serologically distinct neurotoxins, and type A (Botox, Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA) is the most potent. The research and development program was and greatly accelerated, although it was directed that no biological warfare agents should be produced in quantity without specific approval of the Secretary of'War. Examination of the spine showed an area of tenderness on pressure, extending from the last cervical to the seventh dorsal vertebra, and was most pronounced at second dorsal vertebra; surrounding this area for a distance of about two inches on either side was a slight erythema: manufacturers.

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